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Laureen Glo Laser and Body Studio
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I am Lauren Barber, I am the owner of GLO Laser & Body Studio!. Born and raised in Tsawwassen and a proud active member in the community. I have over 10 years of experience in managing businesses and creating successful startups. Several of those years are directly linked with the health and beauty industry.


I am a certified Venus body sculpting & laser technician since 2017. I have treated hundreds of clients and successfully helped all of them achieve what they were looking for in their treatments. I can confidently say that my personal values translate directly to my business practices. Integrity, honesty, trust, accountability & commitment are not just words for me. I hold the client experience in high regard and will always value your feedback. I pride myself on ensuring the atmosphere in my studio & your engagement with my employees will always be a genuine and memorable experience for you.  


Thank you for Choosing GLO Laser & Body Studio


You were born to GLO!

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